Capital Soccer Club Philosophy

Capital Soccer Club combines traditional and innovative methods to establish a culture that promotes true player development, mastery, creativity, and passion for the game of soccer. Its coaching staff will serve as mentors, facilitators, and instructors who enable the game to reveal itself to our players, allowing them to achieve soccer excellence AND succeed at the youth select, adult amateur, collegiate, and professional levels.

Player development will be carried out within the framework of a highly attractive, technically nuanced, attacking style of team play. Competition will serve as a tool to inspire and motivate our teams, but will not supersede our efforts to grow talented players on high-functioning teams.

In addition, we will reinforce important values regarding preparation, teamwork, and discipline as well as respectful, ethical, and moral behavior. Our coaches will maintain high standards, and celebrate/hold players accountable for their actions.

This Curriculum borrows from the philosophies and practices of clubs and youth development organizations around the world that share our vision for player development and soccer aesthetics.


  • To foster lasting passion for the Game of Soccer
  • To develop key Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psycho-Social competencies
  • To consistently produce high-functioning teams capable of playing dynamic, creative, attackminded soccer
  • To instill the Capital Style of Play in youth and senior players
  • To foster character, integrity, and respectfulness in all club members

Capital Soccer Club Methodology

Capital SC’s Club-Wide Curriculum is unique to the Vermont soccer scene. It follows the example set by the top development academies in the world, teaching technical mastery and tactical awareness simultaneously. Our coaching staff understands the importance of developing specific soccer skills as they relate to the game, and therefore seek to develop vision and good decision-making as part of its technical training framework.

We believe that, contrary to popularly held beliefs, the introduction of high level competition during a player’s soccer development can be destructive. We therefore prioritize a high-quality soccer education over results, particularly at our younger age groups. Wherever possible, the Club operates on an “Academy” model, placing soccer ability, physical and mental maturation, and developmental needs above rigid age grouping. As such, we promote true player development while gradually increasing the importance of competition.