Capital SC Futbolistas

Futbolista(foot-bo-lees’-tah): s,m,f-footballer, football player, soccer player.  A Spanish term of Catalan origins which describes an individual not just as a player of the game of soccer, but defies him or her as a true part of the culture.  It implies technical excellence, confidence, passion, knowledge of and “feel” for the game…….a futbolista doesn’t just play soccer, s/he breathes it.

Capital Futbolistas

The most important time for technical development of soccer players is between the ages of 7 and 11 years old, and the strength of a soccer club is based on the ability of its youngest teams.  It’s for this reason that Capital Soccer Club proudly announces the establishment of its Futbolistas Program.  This program will provide top level training for players 7 and 8 years old.  This is not a recreational program, nor is it based on competition.  The goal of the program is to develop technical skills, instill key concepts of the game, and inspire passion and enthusiasm for the Beautiful Game.

Key elements of the program:

  • Coaching by top Capital SC coaches, focusing on player development
  • Coordination and motor skills training
  • Small-sided friendly matches designed to introduce general principles of the game
  • Exploration of soccer culture through a variety of soccer-related events
  • Ongoing education for parents who wish to help facilitate their children’s growth within the game

AGES: 7 and 8

  • Tuition: $720 Plus the cost of club uniform (approximately $50)
  • Payable in four Installments (Initial deposit, October 15th, November 15th, 2016, and January 15th, 2017)
  • Installment Payment Plan: Available through approval of the club director.  Please contact George Cook ( for details.

All players (males and females) ages 7 and 8 who love the game of soccer are welcome!  All players will be accepted into the program and will learn the proper way to play the game in an enthusiastic and educational setting.

To register and express interest in this great new program please email Director Eric Bagley at