2017-18 Coaching Staff

Capital Soccer Club is pleased to announce our coaching staff for the 2017-18 club season. To see bio's of all of our coaches please go to http://capitalsoccer.net/club-articles/staff.

U8 Futbolistas: Cort Johnson
08/09 Youth Academy: Eric Bagley
06/07 Girls: Don Haddox
05 Girls Premier: Don Haddox
03/04 Girls Premier: Christy McShea and Steve Towne
07 Boys: Eric Bagley
06 Boys: George Cook
05 Boys Premier: Eric Bagley
04/05 Boys Club: Joe Yalicki
04 Boys Premier: Steve Levesque
03 Boys Premier: Sam Kessler
02 Boys Premier: Rob Moran
99/00/01 Boys Premier: Don Haddox